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Every once in a while, (our) engineers like to branch out from their daily routine of solving practical problems, grab a cup of coffee, and theorize about solving the world's problems. Please have a cup of coffee yourself, and enjoy some of our articles below.

Version control

Version control will be a must-have experience/skill for any designer, engineer, or programmer in the future. Its importance can already be seen, as one can even earn a PhD in it. Also known as "Software Configuration Management", version control has always transcended engineering, even before software development even existed. The Software Development Cycle has been important to writers, artists, and musicians, to name a few, although not necessarily in name. Certainly, the creation of any final product, whether it be a book, a painting, or a song, goes through many versions in its creation. The artist can revert to a previous version, prior to a particular change, if he or she so chooses, with, say, an eraser, or, if it's a painting, the final product will show all versions in each and every layer of the deep path-dependent history of the thing.

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Analytics is being used in personal training and physical therapy for impulse prediction.
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Low carb cycling is the best hybrid low carb non-Atkins diet. Here is the science behind it.
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Preparing for an exam? Research shows that making your own flashcards can be more effective than just seeing them. Similar to the impact of taking notes, kinesthetics can enhance the learning process for many students (as well as employees at corporate meetings). Don't get stuck in a learning style that doesn't work for you. Try a new learning style.
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